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Disastrous effects of Prosopis Juliflora and the need for eradication

28/09/2016 13:40
The non native Prosopis Juliflora popularly known as "Seemai karuvela maram" (Tamil)  was introduced in Tamil Nadu especially in Ramanathapuram District as fuel wood weed. But then has spreaded to other districts of TN. This weed has its roots upto 80 to 90 feet under the ground and...

Increasing Road Accidents and Concern for road safety

27/09/2016 13:16
The media reports that about 1.5 lakh people are killed every year in road accidents in India (2015) and it's increasing every day. The statistics report reveals that every day approximately 400 people die in road accidents. Road safety, obeying traffic rules and avoding mobile phones during riding...

Building Demolition

06/04/2013 16:05
Building Demolition.ppt (779,5 kB)

Vibration Measurements

06/04/2013 15:59
UNIT II p.pptx (2,2 MB)

Powerpoint Presentations

06/04/2013 15:31

Solved Examples on Rayleigh Ritz method

17/12/2011 14:19
Rayleigh Ritz method.pdf (178,9 kB)

Solved Problems on Rayleigh Ritz method

17/12/2011 13:56
Solved Problem1.doc (140 kB)

Rayleigh Ritz method

17/12/2011 13:37
Rayleigh Ritz method applied to Beams   U#1) Find the deflection at the centre using Rayleigh Ritz method  for the simply supported beam subjected to Concentrated load at the centre   Solution: Take y = .        According to...

Reinforced concrete strengthened with CNT

17/12/2011 13:10
                        The disasters whether man made or natural dominates all types of structures has an ever been attention to researchers, academicians and scientists....


15/08/2011 15:11
In 2010, I came across the following journal where there is a proposal that we could make concrete at low cost using saw dust and Palm kernel shells. The reinforcement has to be optimised. It turned me on. The high and rising costs of building construction in developing countries have been a...

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