Increasing Road Accidents and Concern for road safety

27/09/2016 13:16

The media reports that about 1.5 lakh people are killed every year in road accidents in India (2015) and it's increasing every day. The statistics report reveals that every day approximately 400 people die in road accidents. Road safety, obeying traffic rules and avoding mobile phones during riding or driving and wearing helmet could be the only possible way to curtail the problem. Beware that even wearing helmet, you may become handicapped after accidents.

Also the youngsters having 150, 200 cc bikes feel thrill and some times die young due to rash bike riding. It's time to have consciousness on road safety. Life is to live and not die/ becoming handicapped due to rash driving or riding. We should train the younger minds to obey traffic rules, stick to road safety and save lives. Life is a journey and you don't have the right to end it on roads.


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