Rayleigh Ritz method

17/12/2011 13:37

Rayleigh Ritz method applied to Beams


U#1) Find the deflection at the centre using Rayleigh Ritz method  for the simply supported beam subjected to Concentrated load at the centre



Take y = .       

According to Rayleigh Ritz method           = U – W  and   where π = Potential energy           U = Strain energy and W is the external work done.

    where yc is the deflection at the centre.


We Know that when m is not equal to n .

 when m = n Hence equation 1.a becomes,



From 1 b eqn, 

There fore ------------(1c)

To find out yc substitute x = l/2. in above equation (1.c)



Hence we have  which is the deflection at the centre.



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