Reinforced concrete strengthened with CNT

17/12/2011 13:10

                        The disasters whether man made or natural dominates all types of structures has an ever been attention to researchers, academicians and scientists. Concrete had been reinforced with steel, macro fibres and micro fibres which bridges the cracks. The advantages of microfibres was delay in development of micro cracks. How ever their initiation could not be avoided. Numerous researches focus on arresting the initiation of micro cracks. It is quite fruitful and needy for a present scenario to carry out research by reinforcing concrete with fibres at nanoscale which would pave the way for development of crack free material. Nanotechnology is an enabling technology that allows us to develop materials with improved and totally new properties.

                        CNTs are the subject of one of the most important areas of research in nanotechnology. Their unique properties and potential for valuable commercial applications ranging from electronics to chemical process control have meant that an enormous amount of effort has been taken for the last five years. The reinforced concrete when impregnated with CNTs makes possibility on arresting the cracks at nanoscale.



Topic: Reinforced concrete strengthened with CNT

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